26 Feb 2011 Delhi Times

Love to grin and bare it? Well, embellish your pearly whites with sparkling jewels or tattoos, as oral fashion is here to smile...


addThis is one tooth you would not want the tooth fairy to whisk away. In fact, ever since dental tattoos have gained popularity in the Capital, more and more people are finding new reasons to flaunt their jazzy teeth. While tooth tattoos might be a new concept today, decorating and embellishing the tooth is an ancient practice. In early Egyptian and Chinese history, gold was used as false teeth because it was fashionable while aristocratic women in ancient Japan darkened their teeth. Nowadays, this trend is more popular amongst youngsters. “People between 16 to 25 years don’t mind splurging on dental tattoos,” says Dr Bindiya Bansal, who owns a clinic in south Delhi, adding, “Though 30 plus clients do come, but it’s a rarity.”
Taking cosmetic dentistry to new heights (or the depths of your root canal), tooth tattoos are essentially two types — permanent and temporary. Permanent tattoos are opted by those who have had a root canal, as these are fixed and sealed on a ceramic crown, and then set. This means, you can get almost any shape, colour and design that catches your eye. But if you don’t want a ceramic or porcelain crown, you may have to go through a process of engraving to make the surface of your tooth a bit rough. It is then filled with coloured dental filling, bringing the design to life. Temporary tattoos on the other hand last only one to two months and are done in such a way that the surface of the tooth remains smooth.

Since the space available is just 2mm these tattoos have simple motifs. Favourite designs include hearts, smileys and stars. While a t-tattoo adds spunk to your smile, you need to ensure that it is done by a professional. An amateur can cause damage or erode the tooth enamel, warns Dr Divya Marwaha. Whatever the risk at the end of the day an artfully done tattoo will definitely give you a reason to grin.


Enhance your smile with a jewel on your tooth. They cost between Rs 1,500 to 2,500 for a small piece. You can opt for a diamante (the most popular), crystal, swarovski, coloured stone or even a gold ring that pierces through your tooth


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